Christian Medical Mission
A Case Study

This Christian medical mission story will provide you with a glimpse of what it is like to be a missionary doctor.  This story is written by Pedro Gismondi, M.D.

Christian Medical Mission - A Work of Joy

As a missionary doctor, what joy it is really to see people for medical reasons for free - no money required for them and no time pressure for the doctor.  And in the God context it becomes even more joyful and rewarding.

This story (from sometime ago) will give you a peek at what medical missions may bring into our day.

A Christian Medical Mission Case Study

A middle age man came with his wife to see me about diabetes and hypertension.  He was gaining weight but was very satisfied with everything because his blood sugar was "just 400 and not 800" as it was a few weeks ago.

"Are you fasting this morning?"  I asked.

"No," he said.  "I had a coke."

"A real coke?" I asked.  Then his wife quickly added, "He has three or four real cokes every day."

What is a Doctor to Do?

I started to repeat what he has heard a multitude of times before - about the importance of proper diet, exercise, weight loss and following instructions and schedules.  He expressed the fact that he enjoyed his food just as he likes it and nothing and no one is going to interfere.

I wanted to punch him hard.  Instead I began to tell him I myself had a heart attack and was supposed to do the same things and wasn't always doing them (and discussed possible consequences for him and his family.)

Then he was silent, and I grabbed his shoulder and began to pray for us both:  "Lord God, You love us so much, You gave Jesus for us.  Please help us both to put our lives in order because of those who care for us and love us  Forgive our sins and enable  us by Your Holy Spirit to do the things that are so difficult for us alone."

I started to leave the room to get a prescription pad, and I noticed the man was sobbing.  So was his wife.  The visit ended with a tight hug.

Healing With the Love of Jesus

This sort of exchange has many faces in a medical missionary's work, whether in Oklahoma City or Peru or India.  Peruvians are so receptive to the Gospel and love to hear a Bible story.

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