Christian Medical Missions
A Missionary Saw and Said

Christian medical missions often leave a lasting impression on team members that they take with them back to their daily lives.  Travel to another country and help those in need, and you are never the same again.

Dr. Pedro Gismondi, a rheumatologist, along with his wife Glenda, have been organizing these trips to Peru for years.  Here are this thoughts on the impact of these trips.

Christian Medical Missions
Pedro Gismondi, M.D.

Pedro Gismondi, M.D.

I have been reviewing the impressions the team reported in their debriefing sheets. Usually these trips leave a strong print in the hearts of those that go.

These missionaries of the 2017 trip had an unusually strong impression by the Holy Spirit.

They smiled, laughed, were sad, were glad, were touched, some very touched – shed tears and still get teary eyed remembering, desiring to act toward what they know the Lord of the Harvest is obviously doing in Peru.

At least 20% of the 400 patients seen received the Lord in their hearts, many more re-dedicated their lives or re-committed to return to their churches. You don’t see this every day.

Also, God has a piece of land in Ancon, in a very poor area of a resort just North of Lima, given to build the first Christian school in the area. What a Gospel herald that would be for the people of this area. I think most of us are ready to go back and pick up where we left off.

Here is what other team members have said about the impact Christian medical missions have had on them:

Steve L. Ostrum and Milena Luis

Steve: “…I Need to serve God expecting [Him] to use me.”

Milena:“[Steve and I] …had the opportunity to lead 2 people to Jesus, it was my first time …made me feel so happy. … I will remember this trip forever.” “God has given me gifts that I could use for His glory.”

Steve L. Ostrum and Milena Luis

Keith Roberson

Keith Roberson in Ancon, Peru

Keith: [Highlight] “Seeing God at work and joining Him in what He is already doing. 

Knowing we were being used by God for His purposes and to glorify Him. 

The prayers of God’s people
were answered in marvelous ways – and we got to watch it happen.”

Jamie Hite

Jamie: [Highlight] “How responsive the children were to the Gospel, and how the team of el Camino and Regency worked together so well.”

“So many people were touched and affirmed by the Love of God expressed by the body of Christ.”

Jamie Hite in Rimac, Peru


Jim in Rimac, Peru

Jim: “I am ready to go back.” – ( I experienced) what only God could have done:  the Salvation of adults and children.”

Stephanie Broderick

Stephanie: “I'm planning on setting more aside to support missions and focus more on aiding the poor and homeless in my city."

Stephanie Broderick in Rimac, Peru.


Merlynn (right) along with Milena Meier (left) with a local Peruvian (center).

Merlynn: “I saw a beautiful, loving, caring spirit in the people of Peru and the people on the team.”

“I especially enjoyed the devotional time and the precious heart & love of Keith for the Lord.”

Sue Merriam

Sue: [Highlight] “Hearing Armando’s testimony and walking through the barrio with him.”

(Armando was an ex-convict and gang member who now is devoted to the Lord with all of his heart.)

Sue Merriam in Ancon, Peru

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