Church Ministry Training

Church ministry training not only equips the body of Christ to share the gospel, but also cares for the members of the flock as well.  Almost from its beginning, El Camino (The Way) Church in Ancon has been active in both outreach and training.

Christian Church Mission

A Christian church mission works on the principal that a true church is one with a missionary focus.  To that end, members of the El Camino (The Way) Church in Ancon focus on spreading the gospel throughout Peru as well as Ancon.  This includes training their members for missionary work and traveling to remote areas to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Members of the church have made the 18-hour journey to the town of Pozuzo.  In addition, through God's grace, they have been able to work in Iquitos, a town located in one of Peru's northernmost regions in the Amazon region. 

Working with local pastors, Ancon church members have traveled to Iquitos on several occasions, providing material for children and adults.  They have also provided theological materials and doctrinal study materials for pastors.  In addition, they have provided support for three pastors in the area.

Church members now travel to the city of Iquitos two to five times a year bringing different types of help, but the main help they provide is to the pastors and leaders.  In addition, thanks to the help of Melina Meyer, they have been able to minister to the children as well.

Church Ministry Training

Because discipleship is fundamental to the growth of the believer, El Camino Ancon has gone through a series of teachings as part of their church ministry training, including "Fundamentals of the Christian Life" and their own "El Camino Seminary." 

These workshops have empowered their believers, helping them to become effective leaders.  They also offer classes in parenting, homiletics, ecclesiology and expository students of the books of the Bible such as Galatians, Philippians and Ephesians.


Church membership has been growing in the past few months to the point that the church building - Pastor Walter's home - is already full.  Improvements are planned for the building, including fixing the altar with "vintage" material that is cheaper, and placing curtains toward the back to provide more room. 

They also plan to improve the location of the screen for screening the sermons.  Because Pastor Walter has many skills, including carpentry, electricity, masonry and plumbing, to name a few, he can do much do the work, thus saving costs.

There are also many other projects the church plans to undertake in the future to help provide more room to its members.

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