El Camino Ancon

El Camino Ancon is a church run by a couple who sacrificed their home in order to give hope to those who barely have homes themselves as well as little or no hope.

Walter Villajuan was a policeman leading an upper middle class existence when he and his son stumbled upon a group of people worshipping in a park. 

When he asked why they were worshipping there, they explained they had no building in which to worship. 

Walter promptly offered his home for a church building.  Within months he had moved his family to the back of his house to make a church out of the front part of the dwelling.  Then the pastor left.  When the associate pastor left as well, Walter was appointed the new pastor.

El Camino Ancon Today

Fast forward 20 years, and Walter now leads a congregation of more than 75 people and is the author of two bible studies with more to come.

Walter has added a second story to his home where he eventually hopes to move his family.

In addition to leading worship each Sunday, Walter and his wife Clarisa also provide food and the gospel to children living in Calichera, a pueblo joven (shantytown) dotting the mountains near the scenic beaches of Ancon, located in the northern part of Lima, Peru.

Calichera, a shantytown in Ancon, Peru.

Beauty and Hardship in Ancon

Ancon is a beautiful resort district characterized by scenic beaches, impressive modern buildings and colorful flowers. 

The once-thriving community was once populated by some of the wealthiest in Peru.

But the invasion of people from rural areas has made the mountains less attractive and many of the wealthy have left Ancon for the southern beaches.

That means less opportunities of employment for those living in the nearby shantytown of Calichera.  Most today lead a harsh existence. 

Many gave up farming in hopes of finding a better life in the big city, but they have few job skills and often find life in the city harder than rural living.

Ancon is a dry area with little rainfall, and it is hard to grow food there.

One person's kitchen in Calichera.

They have no running water and must purchase it from trucks hauling it from far away.  With little to no money, they build their houses from whatever materials they can scavenge. 

The homes of many living in Calichera have no insulation, making these buildings hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

How El Camino Ancon Provides Hope

Walter and his wife Clarisa have made a makeshift church out of a fenced-in-area in the Calichera neighborhood. 

They provide worship services and the Gospel, giving hope to those who have very little.

Recently a piece of land approximately 5,000 square feet in size was donated to the Ancon church. 

Walter and his wife Clarisa in their makeshift church in Calichera, Ancon.

Walter and Clarisa hope to eventually build a school on the property, but first a fence must be built around this recently-donated property to protect it from squatters who could trespass on the land and steal it.

A local school would provide nutritional and spiritual needs for the children in Calichera as well as equip them to live a better life.  But money is needed both for the fence and for the school.  If you feel led to help El Camino Ancon with this project, please make a donation by clicking the link below, or you can send your donation to:

Regency Ministries
P.O. Box 720500
Oklahoma City, OK  73172

Regency Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax deductible.

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