Evangelical Mission Church

An evangelical mission church not only meets the needs of its members, but it also reaches out to the lost and destitute in its community.  This is the story of one such church.

El Camino (The Way) Christian Church was founded in March, 1996, by Pastor Walter Villajuan.  From the start, the church was established from the pastor's home. 

Eventually he gave up most of his home so the church would have more room.  With the help of some ministries and God's provision, improvements were made on the church, much of the labor provided by church members.

Evangelical Mission Church Work

In addition to work on the church itself, church members also do God's work in a nearby destitute settlement called "Las Palmeras" (The Palm Trees). 

Church members go into the settlement to work with the children, providing meals once a week, along with spiritual nourishment.  Each year, they hold a Christmas party for the children and give each child a gift.

Although they always had needs, God has met this evangelical mission church every step of the way in their call to serve.  Eventually, the church was able to obtain a local grant to help with costs.  Little by little they have acquired other supplies, including tables, chairs and other necessities to make teaching and learning easier for the children they help.

In addition, they also help in a destitute area called Calichera, working with both children and adults.  God opened doors and they were able to receive as a loan a communal hall where they could gather families to speak about the Lord.  In the main hall they installed a screen and multimedia projector to share the gospel and also show Evangelistic films.

Using leftover wood, they were able to build a classroom for the children.  Because the wood was second-hand material, the roof gradually began to deteriorate until it came down, exposing the children to the weather.  The classroom also had only an earthen floor.  With the help of friends they were able to improve the roof with mats so that they could celebrate the 2017 Christmas party for the children.

This past February of 2018, they were able to make a floor for the children's classroom.

Working in the Community of Ancon

We also do work for children and young people in the Community of Ancon, with specific theme events such as "Cafe de Padres" (Parent's Cafe). 

It is through their faith in the Lord that they have been able to improve their church and meet needs by giving beyond their strength.  While they have received help from some ministries, most of their instruments, materials and everything they need has been provided through offerings.

Walter said, "I thank God that I have my whole family serving God, each one in every organizational ministry in our church. My eldest son, Edson, is the youth leader, while my daughter Katherine is leader of events and protocols; Isaac and Benjamin are worship leaders and my wife is the women's ministry leader and helps in the pastoral work."

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