Iglesia El Camino Rimac
The Amazing Church We Visit

Iglesia El Camino Rimac (The Way Church in Rimac, Peru) is the amazing church we had the privilege of working with recently, participating in a medical camp the church hosted.  More importantly, it is a place where God is moving in a mighty way.

The church, one of the first charismatic churches in Rimac, was started more than 20 years ago by a small group of less than 20 people. 

Pastor Jerry Orrego, who has been pastor from the church's inception, says a common problem of low self-esteem along with a general lack of love due to a machismo culture has caused physical and emotional abuse for many living in Rimac along with addictions to drugs and alcohol.

By showing Christ's love to these people, the church has seen lives transformed by the power of God.

This tiny church in the historic district in Rimac brings hope to those suffering from abuse and addiction.

Finding Hope at
Iglesia El Camino Rimac

Armando Bada, one member of Iglesia El Camino Rimac, says it was the love he experienced from Pastor Jerry and the church that led him to give up a destructive lifestyle and follow Christ.  Now he is a leader for Celebrate Recovery, a ministry that helps others overcome addiction.

Milena Meier sharing candy.

"Alcoholism is a big problem which leads to abuse and abandonment," says Milena Meier, whose husband brought Celebrate Recovery to Peru. 

"Even some in the evangelical circle succumb to alcohol.  Alcohol is cheap.  Drugs are easy to obtain."

Peruvian born and now an American citizen, Meier now visits Iglesia El Camino Rimac at least twice a year and helps its satellite churches as well.

No Room to Grow

Satellite churches are a must for the church.  With a building that is less than 700 square feet in size, the Rimac church simply has no room to grow. 

Three services are held each Sunday, and members are asked to come only once every three weeks to make room.

But unlike in the United States where expansion is simply a matter of adding on a wing or finding a vacant lot for a new building, space is at a premium in Rimac.  This church sits in an historic section just across from La Avenida de Los Descalzos, a beautiful walk lined with statues and built in the seventeenth century.

The property next door to the church was available for sale a few years ago, but the cost was $85,000 just to purchase the property.  Work and materials would likely be another $80,000 or more, if the property could even be purchased today.

Pray for Iglesia El Camino Rimac

Pray the church gets the space it needs as well as the funds to build a larger building.  Pray also for the satellite churches in the Independencia district and other areas.  The problem seems immense but we have an immense and generous God.  But mostly, pray that God's light continues to shine as it has been in Rimac, Peru.

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