Our Medical-Dental Mission
In Rimac, Peru

Our medical-dental mission was simple; to provide needed medical help that would ultimately lead others to the love and healing of Christ.

We stepped off the bus onto a concrete courtyard leading to a tiny church scarcely larger than 300 square feet.  It had been a long journey.  I

n addition to the 45 minute bus ride from our hotel we had also traveled more than 3,600 miles to bring medical help and hope to the impoverished in Rimac, a district directly north of downtown Lima, Peru.

In this historic district we were warmly greeted by Pastor Jerry Orrego, a one-time archeology scholar who gave up pursuing his degree to serve God. 

Today he is pastor of the El Camino Church where he has ministered to hundreds of people suffering from substance, verbal and physical abuse, leading countless souls to Christ.

Our Medical-Dental Mission Work

We were there to participate in a week-long, free medical camp set up by the El Camino church to minister to the many people who lived in this often crime-ridden, lower middle class neighborhood. 

One reason for such crime was the addition in the last few decades of the pueblos jóvenes - the Peruvian nickname for the shanty towns nestled in the foothills surrounding the area.

Desperate to escape hard times in the rural areas in which they once lived, people are now moving in flocks to the foothills of Peru, building homes out of whatever material they can find and struggling to survive. 

In older, more established neighborhoods such as the one pictured above, people have running water and electricity, but higher up in the mountains they have no running water and struggle to survive.  Medical care is out of the question.

Providing Hope

By offering our medical-dental mission, we can provide medical exams, vitamins, a daily children's program and the Gospel to the locals in this area. 

The free medicine is the draw that leads people to the church - and the true healing they need.

After receiving needed medical help, these people are then led to counselors who share the gospel and pray for them. 

At our most recent camp, more than eighty people gave their lives to Christ. 

Because these people not only need to accept Christ, but learn to walk in their faith, dedicated workers at the El Camino Church will follow up on those who made confessions of faith, discipling them so they can have a deeper walk with God. 

The El Camino church also hosts a Celebrate Recovery program for those struggling with addiction.

So Why Not Just Send Money?

So why does the El Camino Church in Rimac need a group of Americans to come and participate in a medical-dental mission?  After all, Christian medical mission trips can be expensive. 

Our 2017 cost was $2,700 per person to fly our team of 13 members to Lima, Peru, for one week.  So why not just send the money to Peru rather than fly in a medical team?  There are three crucial reasons:

1.  It Promotes Awareness in the United States

Unless people from the United States come and visit, most Americans have no idea about the needs of the people in Peru.  When you see faces instead of statistics, it makes a difference both for you and for those you share with in your church.

2.  You Better Know How to Help

While working with one church on our recent trip to Peru, we learned about the needs of two other churches.  We can share these needs with our home churches and help these Peruvian churches in a more precise way.

3.  It Encourages the Peruvian Churches

Knowing you care enough to travel thousands of miles and leave your comfort zone speaks volumes to the people living in Rimac, and other impoverished areas.  As the old saying goes, people won't care what you know unless they know you care.

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