Our Peru Mission

Our Peru mission is located on a short boulevard known as the Avenida de Los Descalzos, in the capital city of Lima, Peru.

Photo by Cristian Newman

At one end of the boulevard stands the faded Palace of the Viceroy recalling the glory days of Spanish colonial rule while now housing a commercial factory.  At the other end of the unkempt boulevard is a small church called El Camino (The Way).

Tucked at the base of a mountain of teetering slums, El Camino has been the strategic base for our work for several years.  Pastor "Jerry" Orrego is the pastor.

How You Have Helped Our Peru Mission

Your generous gifts with our long term relationship have resulted in a fruitful ministry.  Our support made it possible for John Lozada to continue and complete medical school.  He now treats patients in this very facility, and also pastors a mission church that El Camino started in another district.

Your generosity provided a portable dental chair for Peruvian dentist, Dr. Krizian Jiu, who has repeatedly served with the team during medical clinics at El Camino.  In addition, she has taken the chair into the Amazon jungle to great indigenous peoples who have limited or no access to dental care.

A Mission of Encouragement

In addition to our medical/evangelistic mission trips in the summer, the Lord has impressed on me to return to Peru in the falls to visit pastors, doctors, missionaries and other co-workers in the Lord's business.  Please pray that God would use me to encourage His laborers and explore opportunities of future ministry.

We Need Your Help With Our Peru Mission

I would be remiss if I didn't share a pivotal opportunity to further God's work in Peru.  There is a property for sale next door to El Camino for $85,000. 

This acquisition would almost double their current space of 1,250 sq. ft. and would have a direct impact on their ministry to the physical and spiritual needs of the Rimac community.  Would you commit to pray for the purchase of this addition to the El Camino church?

If the Lord leads you to contribute to my trip expenses or to the purchase price of $85,000 for the property, please make your tax-deductible gift by clicking the link below or at the right side of the page:

Or you can mail your gift to;

Regency Ministries
P.O. Box 720500
Oklahoma City, OK  73172

To quote the Apostle Paul, "I am on my way to Lima, Peru in the service of the saints there.  For Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, Bethany, online and brethren everywhere were pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the saints in Lima."

- Romans 15:25-26, paraphrased (liberally)

Regardless of the amount donated, I will happily convey your love offering to Lima.  I can assure you any demonstration will be received with grateful joy by Pastor Jerry and the church family of El Camino.

Thank you so much, and God bless you richly,

Pedro and Regency Medical Missions

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